Troubleshooting Guide

1 Account Not Registered Error

Most "Account Not Registered" errors can be resolved with one of two methods:

  1. Double-checking your Ethereum address. Please connect to using the Ethereum address you used to sign up for your alias.

  2. Mistyping or misremembering your alias. Remember that your alias is critical to access your account and forgetting or misplacing it means you may not be able to access your funds.

If either approach does not work, you may belong to one of the below cohorts whose account aliases were not migrated:

  1. Users who registered prior to July, 2021 but did not do an account migration in the old system. From July, 2021 to June, 2022, accounts were required to undergo a security update. If you did not update prior to June, 2022, your alias is inaccessible in the new system. This includes users who attempted migration on after June, 2022.

  2. Users who forgot their alias after June, 2022 and had to go through the "Forgot alias" flow on If you forgot your alias for and recovered your account using the "Forgot alias" flow, including registering a new alias, the new alias will NOT be migrated. Your old (forgotten) alias has been migrated if you want to try remembering it in the new system.

2 Hung on "Connecting to Rollup Provider" on sign-up or log-in

If you see "Connecting to Rollup Provider" for more than 60 seconds, please troubleshoot using the below steps.

You may also be presented with an "AbortError: Transaction Aborted" when attempted to sign up or log-in after a system update.

In either case, navigate to your browser console (F12 or Alt-Cmd-J) and the Application tab on the top bar. Once there, click "Storage" under the "Application" group and click "Clear site data." Refresh the page.

3 If when you go to the new version of the registration page to complete the registration has been deposited but the process is interrupted or not completed

Please refresh the page and continue back to the registration page Enter a random amount at the bottom of the page Your page will now show that you have a pending amount and it will be used first

This time please enter the same amount as this waiting to continue to shield on the line (Tip: Here if the display is lower than 0.01eth, directly enter 0.01, then you will need to make up the remaining amount, you need to meet the minimum 0.01)

If your process fails again, please restart your browser or clear the cookie and try the above steps again

4 If you are the old version directly after logging on to the new version to actively shield funds or have registered accounts to actively shield funds, after the process is interrupted or the main page does not show any funds

Please continue to click on shield more and you will see that you have a pending amount which will be used first

At this point, please enter the same amount as above and click Next to proceed to complete your interrupted deposit.

If your process fails again, restart your browser or clear's cookies, then log back into and try the above steps again.

5 If you have not logged into the old system since June 2021, you will be prompted to update your account before you can log in

Not logged into your account between June 2021 and June 2022, your alias is currently accessible in the new

Solution tool: ( such video tutorials: (

6 Problems with the balance display or the sendable balance and the total balance do not match

(1) When your balance is not shown on the main page: please check first in this contract Find and check function 37. userPendingDeposits

Input 1: Enter "0" for ETH or "1" for DAI.

Input 2: Enter the user's address

If the output is 0, it means that there are no pending funds and the system has accepted these funds for conversion to private notes. If the output is not 0, it means that there are funds pending and the user should wait for the funds to clear.

The output is not 0. Please click on shield more page because there should be an indication that there is a waiting amount Refer to question 3 or 4 on this page. If this page does not prompt for pending funding alerts, you can also use the following method, where you make sure the deposit address is the same as the address of your account

The output is 0 and the main page does not show the number of funds or records Please follow this method below

Step 1: Clear the website data Follow the 2 of this web page problem to clear the website data

Step 2: Log in to and wait until the dashboard has loaded.

Step 3: Open the Development Tools (with F12). Select all levels in the Console, including Verbose

Step 4: Right click on "Save as..." anywhere in the log to download a file.

Step 5: Open a ticket in Discord and send this file

(2) Displayed balance and sendable balance are not the same (sendable balance is less)

This is caused by the account receiving a balance too many times. This will be resolved later

Use up the amount till limit and the next batch of available balance will appear

Or suggest sending a few small amounts and the rest of the balance will show up

7 If you can't log in to the old version, you can check your tx first to see if there are any records of deposits in the old version.

Go to and then f12 or Alt-Cmd-J to call the console and type the following in the Console

localStorage.setItem('unlock_registration', true) Click Enter and refresh the page

This opens the registration page for the recovery account

8 If some of the above attempts do not restore the balance or show unregistered

In this case, you may recharge to another address of yours, as a simple example (which has already partially happened, by looking for another account found).

First: the old version and the new version of the registration: use your wallet (a) to connect to the registration, to the page that needs shield, and then accidentally switch the wallet and thus lead to connect to the wallet (b) this time will use (b) wallet to pay This will lead to the successful registration of the account (a) wallet corresponding to the address, and (b) wallet just to pay, so the main network above the tx will only appear in the So the tx on the main network will only appear on the wallet that made the payment (b), but not all addresses that have a record of tx are guaranteed to be registered with aztec, so this is just to make a payment to (a). This time you can only log in to (a) wallet, you need to find this (a). If you follow the relationship between (a) and (b) wallets when registering and then the shield process fails, it's even more troublesome to find the (a) wallet connection when registering and then switch to the (b) wallet on the deposit page to see the amount to be processed or to proceed to the next step

The following picture is the new version of accidentally switched after the page ui now has a prompt At this point after the top-up you need to find the first wallet in the following picture, the back is to use it to log in

The following picture is the old version no ui mention accidentally switch after the recharge error At this point after recharge you need to find the first wallet in the following picture, the back is to use it to log in

Second: the registered account initiative to deposit: and the above is similar: (a) wallet account has been successfully registered in the main page, by switching or long time did not open the web page need to reconnect and then accidentally connected to (b) or (c) wallet, and then to (a) wallet top-up, this time (b) or (c) wallet top-up after the main network tx, so this tx of course can not be So of course the tx is not going to the registered account, but to the (a) wallet account. You may find after some time that your address (b) or (c) has been deducted and deposited into aztec, but the account doesn't exist, so it was actually deposited to the (a) account. If the shield fails, after you log out or log back in, you will need to log into your (a) wallet account and then switch to your (b) or (c) wallet in shield or shield more so you can find your pending amount or proceed to the next step

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